About Summit Ridge Community

The Summit Ridge Community is made up of mostly singles and couples with occasional family residents. Summit Ridge has multiple family members each with their own unit! Summit Ridge is a good fit for:

  • First time home buyers.
    • Even the most expensive Summit Ridge units and association fee is comparable to a rental.
  • Don't want the time and expense to maintain a home.
    • Maintenance of your unit is still required, but is much less than a home.
  • Busy workers, professionals, or retirees whose time is spent in various work and/or community activities.
    • The community room can be used to host activities.
  • A quiet, safe residence for people with a leisure lifestyle.
  • Enjoy a view over looking East Moline, the Mississippi River, and the Quad Cities area.
    • A unit on a higher floor will see a greater view of the area.
  • Involvement in projects around Summit Ridge (e.g. landscape, grounds maintenance, socials).

With a wide range of unit sizes, levels, and designs, there is likely a unit to fit your taste and budget.