Frequently Asked Questions

Question: When was the last special assessment Summit Ridge had? How much?
Answer: Never! While the ByLaws allow for special assessments, Summit Ridge strongly believes in having the association fee match and meet the needs of the community and common areas. This allows the residents to budget and not be surprised by a special assessment.

Question: Who makes up the board? Is it an outside management firm?
Answer: Summit Ridge Condominium Association is a non-for-profit organization. The board consists of residents who volunteer to serve, elected by the owners, where vacancies come up each year. The association is NOT run by a management firm. We strongly believe a resident based board ensures the best interests of Summit Ridge Condominiums.

Question: Who manages the facility?
Answer: Summit Ridge has an onsite building manager who takes ownership of building management. The Building Manager works closely with the Board to ensure the common areas (outside a unit owner's home) are managed and maintained. The building manager and board work together when changes are necessary to the common areas.

Question: Do you lease or rent units?
Answer: No.

Question: Are pets allowed?
Answer: Only cats and 2 per unit.

Question: Is an indoor garage space included in the association fee?
Answer: No. That is a separate monthly charge and is optional.

Question: Do I get the current owner's indoor parking space when I move it?
Answer: No. Garage spaces are assigned from a list.

Question: Can I get more than one indoor parking space?
Answer: Yes, but unlikely. With 67 units (which includes the manager's residence) and 70 spaces, most residents elect to take and pay the monthly indoor parking fee. One indoor parking spot is guaranteed at the time of purchase. A second spot is first come first serve.

Question: What if I want an indoor parking spot sometime later after I move in?
Answer: You are put on the first come first serve list.

Question: Is there outdoor parking at Summit Ridge.
Answer: Yes! There is Summit Ridge private outdoor parking on the facility grounds. This is for residents and visiting guests of residents.

Question: What is included in the association fee?
Answer: Please see the Services and Other Amenities pages.