Condos for Sale

NOTE: See Covid-19 section on entering Summit Ridge Condominiums.

Below is a listing of each Condo for sale. It includes the Unit number, Realtor or Seller's name, Phone Number and link, if it exists, to a web site for that unit

Updated October 4, 2021

Units for Sale
Current Units are: 7B, 7F, 10F

Unit: 7B
For Sale By Owner: David Graver
Phone: 309-781-2092
Description: One Bedroom Unit on 7th Floor facing West. Approximately 800 square feet.

Unit: 7F
Agent: Paula Firth
Phone: 309-236-7603
Unit Web Site: 

Unit: 10F
Agent: Candy Shamsie & Erin Erickson
Phone: 309-721-7310 (Candy)
Unit Web Site: